Coaching using Micro-energy Management

Written by Kath Finn and Jane Senior, who speak from bitter experience. They have both spent many months ill and have finally and successfully taken the slow road to recovery. They would like to support others to make this journey a little faster than they did. They are Triathlon coaches and coaches with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and Association of Coaching.

 Coaching for recovery from illness … and getting back to training

Simple, we just get better and return to normal training, right?

Not quite, it pays to build up slowly. One of the flexible rules of training is to have as many days building back up as you have had off exercise due to illness. So five days off sick means five days gradually building back up to the level of exercise you were doing before. Feeling great and then rushing off to ride your favourite long route in celebration tends to lead to a yo-yoing return to exercise. People either become very tired, needing long recovery times, or become ill again.

Training before you are fully well can lead to long term problems of various kinds. It has been linked to a higher possibility of chronic fatigue syndrome and increased ongoing respiratory difficulties.  Training with a virus can cause heart inflammation which causes serious issues. So patience is a virtue. One many of us haven’t got.

The process outlined above usually results in people getting back to doing their regular amount of exercise quickly. Sometimes that doesn’t work. On occasion we don’t respond as we expect during a gradual recovery, then a new a new softly, softly approach is required. People who don’t recover as expected often experience a huge amount of frustration and are likely to try the yo-yo approach for a while, unable to believe that the paltry amount of exercise they are doing is too much. Eventually some re-framing has to come into play.

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